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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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with scott sabol and when the snow is going to hit. we'll take a look at the bigger picture out over buffalo new york this is moving out pretty quick. bhi this is pretty low. if you're suffered from more aches and pains that's because these wraparound then some snow to the west the temperatures haveat been climbing a little bit and air temperatures have been
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the next couple of hours we are along route two headed towards cleveland.d. as we drive along the highway they are covered in snow but thew
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shape things for the update. we've had our share of may sunny daysys for them to get back toac winter. it could be bit challenging. why you might want to breakout the snow boots. good morning. if you can definitely the snow coming down here it's very windy.yn
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sure you're going so. this is really coming in from the past all the way to toledo and high winds use can tell is the drills were round that's when it started to come ever since then this bundle up.nd great we haven't had zero whole lot during that can you train school and work. jessica dill reporting from sheffield village. we had fiscal police at the bottom of your screen. we're in the myth that theth political season in the buckeye
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it's a mid- march and evenan though the winner take all primary bernie sanders will be up baldwin lots university at 1030 this morning first open at 7:00 this universe is no stranger to host of events like this.0 er partly because of our proximity to the airport. in past venues for the democratic presidential
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hillary clinton.m this week as well put a double-digit lead in ohio. hiss is resonating with voters. there million people to come together demand that our
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they truly feel that he was sincere he has the good parts and every time i've seen him in the community he's always attempted to do his best for the t people that he's met. he will have to pay between
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your time not is 6:07 a.m. and a two -year-old girl dies inin a fire now neighbors arebo outraged after learning what the mom was doing at the timee. >> good morning. >> good morning. hearing ground fox with a beautiful view.
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good at morning. after the rain moved out.t. this interesting cloud formation we didn't here in the months of thunder. a sign of how much energy and that there wasw within this entire storm system the cloud formation they declined up close to 60 south of akron this is the thermometer trace and when you look at these big drops as you
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the temperatures above freezing is so it's taking time to accumulate madina down to 30. thirty-one here at fox 8 and generally lower 30s0s we begin to see if these heavier bands continue to work overnight tonight i think several inch accumulation is a good qualityd
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on the can of that number theth eastern two thirds of the country and look at that, we are going tofu have to systems to watch one mondayve it's not going it's going to become better organized thank you. your time right now is 14 minutes after 6:00 a.m. bit is check in with patty harkin.n. we are in ground fox traveling 90 eastbound head through
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precipitationro continues to fall out here more of wet snow. as you step out this morning be mindful of that. the mindful of that more than 1400 miles from texas
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and 18 -year-old womanof and the reason why is a very disturbing. you might remember the original story forig the cross father says he was in the park with her thick groups of teenagers. from the pick and chased in life and then rate the young womanm how the district attorney says there was no caps and 18 -year-old was she was actuallyw haven't having with her own father. the back with -he teenagers was consensual. they hope that they get she gets the help she needsds after fire crews put out the voice on tuesday they checked inside did not see any victims and the girl's mother shows up she says her daughter's in sizeot inside. they found a gross but nowbu that's years are the childhood be left alone overnight will mom without for keeping this as a stripper.
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on the scene about 9:30 a.m. she was carrying a box the content 900 $80.01 she is now under arrest. a bizarre story at a pennsylvania state where there actually 23 are living with the fake identity that he was a bottle students the state represented tweeted this picture of her giving an award to asher parts almost two years ago he was a member of the rotc and a member of the national honor society with a 4.16 great average that he was actually a ukrainian national namedct he hade all sorts of our fragile identifications are still looking into why he did it. stay with us an update and weather on weather and traffic.
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welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning i'm patty harkin wear are in ground fox this morning we are headed locks 90 eastbound through late professor road surfacea is just wet.w we are looking around at some of the clouds that went pass. when we were out in sandusky and erie county we did notice that theh cars were coated in snow the
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and thep perkins are getting slushy the actual road conditions are in good shape.ap watch yourself on some of that burgess and overpasses good morning. the hard part this time of year is snowfall forecast they are going to begin to climbal the tail end of winter we've had enough warm days so far we are seeing is some snow mixed in with a little bit of rain. don't be fooled the things going onth we are starting to see someo heavier bands of snow developinge and what's going to happen is that the temperatures are going to fall for june 28-30 degrees and testament we are going to
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west initialing there's that band of heavier snow our forecast today will probably get more than that as we start to get them more classic streaks of lake affect that will occurc until later on this evening until later on tonight. we will get some accumulation is just a matter of one was in our area and one was caught on that's hard to watch. we're going to start any kentucky from a convenience steps keep anom eye on the
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cashht registers playing saxonsax marks are flying out of his pocket. his pants kitchen he runs out of the place he's sitting down at our current grants a firefi extinguisher and put out the flames he's got second degree burns expected to be okay here's what they are talking about he put his hand it is profits is suddenly there was a blast is a pick fire and he was burning. i was just what was that youha have a bomb. i was likemb that. you can of pop i was totally shocked similar thing happened just tear is a picture of a laugh cope cement e-cigarette caught fire in a lyndhurst.y it might happen because he came in contact with somebody's keyser coins the pursuit not case is not hurt.t. it's important to follow the
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surgeon charges to his offspring better he figured us some negativeve effects on as well can you imagine. luckily enough of them. thank you, todd. your time now is 6:25 a.m.:2 we have an update on your weather and traffic are areas
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all right.h stacy fry. thank you very much. 6:35 a.m. the very special edition of plugged in.ed things over to thought were kind ofth bouncing off the stories are losing this week on my dangers in some of that appsi that are
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can get intoov in a comes to online situation with their phone seven apps are xers been talking to is always will have temperatures in the second and 8:00 a.m. hour to answer were concerns you may may be they take their phone upstairs tot their room you don't necessarily. how do check headed keep trackck of what your kids are doing.oi how do you protect your kids in your own home and do you have any questions we did have one comment that came in d i would hope that schools wouldou urge to the students regarding the dangers that you can encounter we've seen jesse talking in the
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answer your questionsso social media ironic that we take social mediad texting here are the waysa to get a hold of us. u we'll get as many as is 6:37 a.m. is your time an update on weather and traffic every eight minutes. todayve have great teachers put there also learned from doctors at the cleveland clinic will
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and then we will pass from slicks as morning continues especially further west of the eighthne day forecast coming up coming up things, scott we are travelingth right now for 80 west we are rest up to 52. right now we are still 5 just wet wew have seen zero .-dot crews treating the services.d
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ends in about two and half filesh see how the sidestreets are doing.g. sandusky. his assailant to put on ahead this they are just wet.j wayne and kristi pack the school is doing that with a curriculum that is aligned with the educational needs warrensville heights middle is this weeks fox 8". >> one team, one vision vision one core of the mindset 50s
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schoolee and emphasis on a real-world application. in partnership with the cleveland clinic interested in the medical field we have toe take notes that we ask any questions that incorporate science and math the kinetiche sculpture is like a sculpture i like it in textbook lining. when you do hands-on thing you do learn a lot more than just technology has replace textbooks and math english and science and social studies they are plenty
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bucks and ipad.i >> most of time we do read 18 he is language arts perfect refusing to read words spelling and writing. the schedule artists the performing arts they findth themselves with the dance being a popular electives.he i believe we are a cool school because he gets have so many opportunities fifth tally ended. we have multiplend get to do more things that have multiple off to for multiple opportunities. the color coordination.
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that hands-on learning. we do want to take a moment to kurt congratulate our next".t it is clan okay school in canton.n. we're going to speak to them next week right here on fox 8 news in the morning. was going to play the coffee quiz was students when we come back. right now it's time for theswh career job part of the day. for information on this job
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welcome back. we have the snow showers that are coming much heavier waltz her the westmi now. we're talking between sandusky andnd lorraine's seen some prettypr good versus snuff the road conditions have been decentde because the road surface temperatures they've been treated poster to accumulate first that will start to see if the accumulations on the road surfaces for continue through pretty much at least mid afternoon and just use also rutledge accumulation to
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in the next 15 hours or so the eight-day forecast grocery that coming upo kind of like arrest. that way zero .-dot can keep out. that's right. we've got some intelligent students from lawrenceville heights middle partsgont. malika january. and happy birthday. i can 13th that day. all right. your that they wish not really what he going do r i'm going to red lobster with the family eventnt wayne with content reheats with aggravated and they all
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grand to her of the eastside red lobster very attractive and very intelligent studentd i'm a sports chief that. and geography and everything onn the phone with us was event like ago week agoev so the question is about this anderson fares are plate that cavaliers a long time. so how many players have played in more games for the cavaliers then anderson varejao.
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lothe of that time did he was accurate play. for players with mark six or ten. i think it was six players that have put very confident what if they are go ater the same thing. unfortunately someone ago is 62. could you sound62 you just rattled that off like you've heard it
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vegan i'm going to go with b. number four. which you believe it's one.. the correct answer would be third you are the man. you are the man.e that's very impressive it very good. for tickets to the akron home and flowers show and some mcdonald'srs gift of it. things are playing. thank you. haveou a great day. we will. we have gifts for you. this is for warrensville heights middle school. thank you sir. you are rock him.ts
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have something for you as well. all large. i'm an extra we never use of the thank you satellite i really like this even though i went to his shock our this proudly. time is a long time ago so it s doesn't matter anymore. your time not is six minutesmi until 7:00 a.m. let's test things over to kenny k crumpton who is coming up next. get ready to be happy.h , todd is coming back.
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kahuna did he doesn't wear at keep it that he has a lot of power. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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a couple of couple of accidents one a pedestrian struck on one 15th and goingg and easter sunday night and superior. >> the top story this morning snowstorm moving across the midsection leaving us with the winter weather advisoryi live on the west side we have west side we have an update there. good morning, everyone right now it is okayht we've seen a lot of snow here this morningee take a look behind me everything running smoothly here on i 90. m a little bit of snow piled up on them but there is snow system there's snow system is moving across
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dicey drive to work today. honestly, this is coming in from it is definitely contents in some areasis we are out here in sheffield we will keep you updated right now it is windy it is called it is the first day i have had on my gloves. >> we hear the wind blowinga. >> i am watching as my photographer's glove is rolling across the parking lot. >> it is only 42 degrees butre that wind chill is a lot colder than that. >> it is hard and difficult to drive and.
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you@ going this morning we are in primary seasong the candidates are trying to make their it that way too ohio.e >> , heels of a new poll that shows a slight lead over hillary clinton in the buckeye state. good morning. >> good morning there was this opening here this morning on the gymnasium it begins at 1030 this morning and should last until about noon up and on the next campaign casting a ballot for him with the apartment is across
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latest poll bernie sanders shows them closing in yesterday showing candidates 45 - - 44 percent and then chilling clinton with the summer percent lead in ohio out these are the proposals with john kasich and sanders with me beat trump in the general election they are expecting nothing plus here is our to the president of the university earlier in the week. >> it is always exciting when a candidate wants to come and speak one our campus it is so important for the democratic process at our students have the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates themselves. >> and the last election cycle was paulcy ryan it was easier onesi
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john mccain i cannot rally begins at 1030 this morning andmo runs until about noon doors just opening to the gymnasium we will see what kind of crowd he gets they are getting in line for him everywhere he goes. >> thank you very much. he says it will serve as a heart for supporters and volunteers in clinton's campaign. >> and forced district around 1030 last night officers said they heard gunshots inside a 15 -year-old male running off a shot himself in the leg trying to get away no word on his condition this morning.
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charges for a deadly jogger attack a 71 -year-old was killed by a pit bull and shaker heights last july. the 49 -year-old we are important and bobby green are now charged with involuntary manslaughter reckless homicide the williams family is pushing for tougher dogt was. >> rapper speaks exclusively to fox eight after admitting he stole money to pay off gambling debts. >> i am very sorry i made a mistakee> i apologize. a hope they give me another chance in time. >> uses he was in federal court yesterday for lying to the fbi he could spend up to 27 months in prison when sentencing may. >> it may. >> it is 7:07 a.m.. still ahead - - serious threats against
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plus calling out donald trump t the secret they say could be hiding in theth taxes. >> and the surprises president obama may have up his sleeve with supreme court nominations. >> good morning, everybody w still so show snow and it will only get heavier. the road conditions are fineer it will change slowly we will talk about that with the eight day forecast >> good morning. we are in ground fox some snow down here we give you all the details in
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>> will come back to fox eight news in the morning it is ten minutes after 7:00 o'clock virginia the hardest hit this time one of them just two years old winter storm warnings advisories 1400 miles from texas all the way to delaware. >> a group of isis supporter's spreading to take on facebook and twitter and ceos the group released a video showing images of facebook engulfed in flames and marked with bullet holes the network stepped up networks up to step up their efforts@ to stop terrorist activity i am our platform. >> former gop presidential
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is a bombshellllop in donald trump's tax history. he is suggesting on fox news wednesday that perhaps donald is not as wealthy w as he claims, and he's not paying certain taxes the real estate mogul going back on twitter calling romney goofy
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we are in ground fox along route 20 heading towards f the oberlin area of visibility you can see i don't know if you can tell in c the camera shot herean it is dropping of the road surfaces the road surfaces themselves up and treated we are not encountering any slick conditions but they are in my driver's parking lots and whatnot but you can see him as side of the road just a dusting of snowbusi flying around here as we look at route 20 in the cleveland area a couple of accidentss also used east 87th and cedar we will toss it to scott for a look at the wintry forecast. >> we have a light coating of
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will be steady right around 30 - - 32 degrees r probably until at least noon today with the rapid drop in temperatureay
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times it happens and what wasas going to happen throughout the day as the temperatures will fall into the high 20se t that is our forecast again we have the snow showers temperatures will begin to fall back into the upper 20s to near 30s we will get accumulation will get accumulation most will bew on grassy surface as a mentor and may have been throwing around the one - - 2-inch number for the last couple of days i don't see any reason why we needs to change that too much there will be some localized 324 and snow though in medina and summit county of the
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willh be a us and by afternoon of snow is gonend the lake effect tonight like affect tonight that is more localized t with snow showers early with a late day sunshine early 28. right now the weekend is looking a lot better remember we are approaching march for the average high temperature is in the 40s it will stay above 404 and till next december there is the weekend outlook showing nothing to worry aboutee a man a chance of rain and then some potentially wednesday and thursday don't be surprised if s conditions look at this will be a slowur very slow evolving situation it will probably continue like this until at least four or 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. thank you scott. your time right now is 16 minutes after 7:00 o'clock and
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we talk about technology and the danger jesse is back with us she is perfect you picked the color giving it? >> i did. i will say i did asking the viewers to help us out with this one we thought we would open itho up to you guys as well and give you a chance to answer some questions now let's get right to melissa says stafford i worry about the teens in our little community sometimes they are using social media at the library and we seee where the parents don't how do you make him see what goes on minus online forever. >> thati is a tough one because
7:18 am
about is the kids inability to understand the long-term consequences, so,@ they don't have the executive function to understand long-term consequences this is the exact reason and the exact rescue theye don't get it or understand it t so that is a tough one if the librarians can figure out how to explain the 15 -year-oldians let me know how they did it but honestly the best way to show that to themne is to news stories kids that are losing college college scholarship opportunities because i things that come back to bite them in the backside whether it iset posting something inappropriate nothing is anonymous and nothing goes away and never ever ever if
7:19 am
no one should see it. consequences they could relate to. if your grandmother would be disappointed, don't posted. >> how do you feel about schools and teachers posting pictures of kids in their classroom on facebookpokid whether it's a class project or something like that? >> my issue with that as if the image of the kids count a company is their name. this is a picture ofam a child i thought moreld on that go to a district and called the principal to let them know they were showing the elementary tables probably have a little nameplate and that picture was taken the teacher did not notice that was there the first names not the problem of a of a classroom picture as long as the child was not identified i don't w have a problem with that. jesse will
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here is how you get a hold of us to ask your question to just the jesse. they say if you are all enough than that is a. we will be right back.. >> that is why we don't with put the names of the kidsds we pose for cool school okay 7:20 a.m. this morning. passengers fight back inside the lawsuit the royal caribbean is now facing after a monster storm. find out why where americans say they love and hate to shoper. >> good morning, kenny.
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call number twonumb and there youo superheroes and the kids. >> will, we visit hospitals we have been going since august of 201010 we work with the cleveland clinic's children's worldit since
7:25 am
considerably with numbers. superheroes left my heart. and here you are no wearing spandex how awesome is that captain america how are you?so why did you want to get involved? >> i just saw a look at the group was doings for all of northeast ohio and they could it wasio doing with kids with adversities and just making kid smile everyday 40s go to school? >> i go to school at lake worth academy. >> twenty-five saving the world so check this out -
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made me an honorary member never looked better. 7:36 a.m. is your time. 7:26 a.m. and thatth is what we need to know about the presidential candidates visit. >> as you head out the door to see> one of our fox cameras it is
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this this morning. it is i 90 at fault and we will keep you updated on the road as you head out the door patty harkin in ground fox this morning. and when will the snow m let up? we
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we are at your your official school
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your time right now is that book? which way is that beach? >> probably some are over there with me today. give me some at all and i can these temperatures around 30 - - 32 and amounts all caps off with heavier snow especially to the west we will lighten the picturei to kind of see what is happening. as we look at the temperatures now chardon was out 37 degrees the
7:32 am
freezingg and that will allow primarily on the grassy surfaces first we have been throwing out the one - - 3-inch numbers with higher amounts in local areas and this is what we anticipate by midmorning tomorrow. one number will be 3 inches. spots of south of akron part of the snow belt we will see some like affect tonightw as the bulk of the general snow should be shutting downn around climb we look at the complete forecast thanks a lot good morning we found snowth the roadways are
7:33 am
looking at the rearview mirror it was enough for you to make a snowman check that out and so yes, if you are traveling out here,ye we do have snow flying around back to you guys in the studio is got his name mentioned with this name his name in the snow.d >> we have had our share of nice
7:34 am
winter weather advisory a there you go. they are actually okay take a look behind the the and have a been working hard they just tweeted saying the commuterk
7:35 am
from the westit it is winner take all on march 15. >> that is right they will be in the area this morning to boost his support. we are livear with a preview good morning. >> goodw morning. a rally for bernie sanders will be at the gymnasium him berea beginning at 10:30 a.m. the doors of opened up with the students heading inside to get themselves ready and get a good spot for the rallyhehe five or 6,000 people fit inside the gymnasium there will
7:36 am
this university is no strangertra to hosting large events like this obama has been here and one old reagan at fault. >> i think partly because we are knownagag as a location for campaigns the location for campaigns probably our proximity to the airport@ that sticks in and out here in him berea up we showing up for these rallies for bernie sanders pretty much wherever he goes and decides to hold@ them. l paul just came out he has 45 percent she has 44 if you look at donald trump he wins with 46 percent of the vote
7:37 am
against governor john kasich and here is what are some of the things he will be talking about when it comes.i >> what is needed in this country are millions of people to come together to demand at that are cover and that representstoge all, not just a few wealthyot campaign contributors. >> while the poll shows bernie sanders slightly overll hillary clinton up another poll shows p she has a double-digit lead ini the state of ohio poll certainly do not tell the whole story althoughte they tell the story bernie sanders has gained a lot of support and momentumand leading into super tuesday march 15 stores open here just now in the gymnasium. we will be here all morning longym my goodness
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737 t keeping the could say kids safe from online predators the
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fox eight news in the morning it is 741 and a very special edition of plugged in this morningng and that is online predatorsth to you have any a questions or thoughts on it comes toes your kids in the danger presented online? your our voicemailspr there are coming in. that is the reason they called
7:42 am
parents give their ten -year-old kids these things. they should give them a government free phone . >> i am calling about the phones forget i i think it is a very good idea kids have phones a with all the danger trying to get a hold of us in an they don't need all these extra add-ons make a little positive a little negative same they began
7:43 am
need all that extra stuff@ if you don't know where your ten -year-old is with the end of the day of bigger issues. it sort i
7:44 am
you doing? i'm not helping your child from far away'm not easy to find. you're the only one that
7:45 am
way toan he said his daughter have the iphone but no internet access eat said she just had the phone. >> iphone addresses are good about walking everything done at the top alreadyer has a phone and a cap out of the bag, you can certainly blocks everything internet and more that is a good strategy. >> a lot more questions coming up for jessie. here is how you get a hold of us we will take your questions coming up. >> all right. the time is now - vacation nightmare backlash. find out who just filed a
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they have several inches on the ground. that is what we are doing paris several inches here several inches of accumulation regionwidever today we always is inwa difficult situations a little more accumulation outing to the heart out in to the heart of the snow beltio with the lake effecte that will kick in e tonight andd probably through midday on friday fox eight news is your official school closing statio traffic time with patty out
7:50 am
patty in and just all about the it is 7:49 a.m. royal caribbean is facing a lawsuit over a decision to sale earlier this month a passenger on the shipsps is when the ship began to rock be walk rock walk and took violently he was hit in the cabin and knocked on contents. >> it is not exactly they were just renders the most hated right is the most hated retailer in americaca based on a survey of recent customers stores with high marks are nordstrom's amazon and more graduates with
7:51 am
most employ graduates right now. followed by accounting business and computer information services. marketing, math and science is the next. >> mcdonald's doubles down on the first good morning, kenny crumpton. >> we are here previewing, who
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some beautiful tell us about this. >> doctor who fan shot and produced regularly here in cleveland five episodes and it is on youtube we have got a lot more to come and it will be
7:55 am
weekend thank you so much. >> over 100 vendors and artists at comic con. >> good morning how are youu right now i'm doing a sketch you
7:56 am
statee . >> i would honestly tell them to go ahead and try right nowo it's not one of those jobs like can you do it there is nothing to stop you from doing it. >> a beautiful young man here we will go and look at another we are plenty of power. 7:56 a.m. we have a packed show coming up for you on fox eight
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more about the w the weather. >> we will let you know how the roads are going this morning. m >> we are talking about tech week predatorsor jessie weinberger is here to talk about your questions. it is today's plugged in. >> also patty has the very latest on your snowy morning
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it is a thursday morning in the city it is 8:00 o'clock in the morning we have school closings and delays scott has a look at the detailed snowy forecast


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